Sunpack ProPak & FoodPack China 2024 In Shanghai

From June 19 to 21, 2024, Sunpack and strategic partner Weide’s new brand MVS debuted at ProPak& FoodPack China 2024, opening a new chapter full of energy for the packaging industry in China.

We brought our new Professional Strapping Machine,Banding Machine and New PP Strap. Our Booth is 120 square meters.

New PP Strap 05025 / 08025 / 11015 /  19015, does not damage the carton; Excellent perspective, does not block the box itself markers (bar code, etc.); Take care of packaging and protection and enhance the exquisite appearance of the product in one.

Not only can be used for the Q8 strapping machine but also can match the banding machine. Make anything possible! Successfully realized the comprehensive improvement of flexible plastic reduction packaging to brand packaging PP strap.

At this exhibition, we have brought a great shock to the packaging industry with a breakthrough beyond ourselves. Countless friends at home and abroad are shocked again by this breakthrough specification and properties. People who stop to watch are not only engaged in the packaging industry, but also countless people from all walks of life. When they look at our products, they instantly have their own industry application scenarios in their minds, and more possibilities follow.

Sunpack has the courage to break through and continue to surpass, which is our determination to continuously create more possibilities and become a leader in the packaging industry!