Sunpack at Autumn Caton Fair 2023

Sunpack took part in Autumn Canton Fair 2023 from Oct 15-18. We displayed our WK04CE-50 Automatic banding system, WK06-75C3A-MRQ Vacuum feed banding machine, WK02-30GB DC motor banding machine and Q80KS high speed automatic strapping machine.

Q80KS High speed automatic strapping machine attracted a lot of attention because it provides a lot of benefits for customers. It runs 11 x 0.25mm PP strapping band. It can help customers save 40% cost. It can reach 60 straps per minute because of being mounted with German Dunker DC motor.

Ali from Waleed Bangladesh is our old friend for many years. They have been supporting us in Bangladesh market for sales and technical support for semi-automatic strapping machine, automatic strapping machine etc