To Make Banding Easy


Model NO: WK04-50CE-2H

2 heads banding machine
WK04CA-MPR-2H Automatic banding line

Model: WK04CA-MPR-2H

Food tray banding line
WK02-30FSBS Banknote automatic packaging line

Model: WK02-30FSBS

Banknote packaging line
WK02-30AF Friction Feeder with banding machine

Model: WK02-30AF

with friction feeder
counting stacking banding
WK02D-AP Corrugated carton banding machine with top press

Model: WK02-30-AD

Corrugated boxes banding
With top press
WK02-30-C24A-2H Double arch banding machine

Model: WK02-30-C24A-2H

Double arch banding
WK04-30LAB Label banding machine

Model: WK02-30LAB

Label banding machine
WK02-30SD Stacking banding machine

Model: WK02-30SD

Stacking banding machine
WK02-30AM10 Pharmaceutical boxes banding machine

Model: WK02-30AM10

Pharmaceutical boxes banding
WK02-30ABE Squaring banding machine

Model: WK02-30ABE

Squaring banding machine
WK02-30A4 Cross Banding machine

Mode NO: WK02-30A4

Cross Banding machine
WK02-30ABF Stacking banding machine

Model: WK04-30ABF

Stacking banding machine
WK32-30-CE-H Pharmaceutical boxes bundle squaring and banding machine

Model: WK32-30-CE-H

Squaring and Banding
WK04-50FSB-2 Stacking banding machine

Model: WK04-50FSB-2

Stacking Banding Machine
WK04-30CA1-CBS Crossing banding machine

Model: WK04-30CA1-CBS

Cross Banding Machine
WK02-30F3B2 Greeting card packaging line, banding machine

Model: WK02-30F3B2

Greeting Card Packaging Line