Sunpack PROPAK ASIA 2024 In Thailand

The four-day ProPak Asia 2024 from June 12 to 15 came to a successful conclusion.This exhibition comprehensively addresses both the value chain and supply chain of food processing technology, packaging, warehousing, and transportation.The theme of this year’s ProPak Asia is “Empowering Sustainability Processing & Packaging Success with Ideation, Innovation, and Investment,”which aims to strengthen sustainable production and packaging processes through creativity, innovation and investment.

We brought our new Professional Banding Machine,Pallet Wrapper and Case Sealer during ProPak Asia 2024 In Thailand.

Sunpack Booth is 103 square meters.

Sunpack side tape stainless steel positioning banding machine WK06-75C3-MRQ, high table banding machine WK02-30B,Pre-stretch Pallet Wrapper XT-4505-2.

Random Folding Case Sealer XT-558 AF and Edge Case Sealer XT-556AC.

Sunpack offers customized packaging solutions for package needs of different food.Sunpack’s flagship product WK06-75C3-MRQ which equipped advanced eye mark system that using high-precision sensors and printer could achieve personalized packaging production and meet the diversified food technology needs of the market.In addition,WK06-75C3-MRQ features a vacuum feed design and a stainless steel body to use thinner materials,reduce material consumption,reduce the failure rate caused by physical and ensure long-term stable operation in high humidity and corrosive environment.

Package effect display:

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Innovation:Our research and development team is constantly exploring the latest technologies to improve packaging efficiency and reduce costs, ensuring that our equipment and solutions can adapt to changing market demands. In the food industry, we provide in-depth insights and personalized packaging solutions that not only guarantee the freshness and safety of food during the packaging process, but also enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of products in the market.

Sustainability:Sunpack’s latest WK06 series significantly reduces the use of plastics and reduces the environmental impact by using ultra-thin materials of 40µm compared to traditional materials of 100-120µm.Using our banding machines can effectively help companies reduce energy consumption and material use in the packaging process. We are committed to continuous research and development of new products and materials, and constantly promote the reduction of the use of packaging materials to achieve sustainable development and help food companies establish a green brand image.

At last we extend our deepest gratitude to everyone involved in making this year’s ProPak Asia a resounding success. Your participation is instrumental in pushing the industry forward. We look forward to seeing you again next year as we strive to deliver more innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.