• Gummed kraft paper dispenser


  • Suitable for all carton sealing purposes
  • Activate the gummed paper tape with water
  • The tape can be recycled with the box
  • Automatic electronic water activated

TapeZ Automatic Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser

As a gummed tape dispenser the TapeZ electric water activated tape dispenser not only speeds up packing but the gummed paper tape also produces a strong durable seal that’s both economical and tamper-evident.This time-saving device moistens, cuts and dispenses tape and the large tape capacity results in fewer tape roll changes. The programmable keypad allows the tape to be adjusted in1/2 inch (1.5mm) increments for greater flexibility. The 1 litre water container heats up quickly to activate the adhesive.1.Apply for tapes with various widths and lengthes.2.Free to set the tape length,reduce the waste.3.Automatic paper output,high efficiency,save the labour.4.Durable, wet water evenly, easy maintenance, large storage capacity.5.Portable design, apply for different workspace.


Model No TapeZ

Product Dimension