manual strapping tensioner


DD-160 Battery Plastic strapping machine

Model NO: DD-160

Battery strapping machine
12-16 mmPP and PET plastic strapping
DD-160 Lithium battery strapping machine

Model: DD-160T

Lithium battery strapping machine
Portable strapping tool 12-16mm
DD-160 Lithium battery strapping machine

Model NO: DD-190T

Lithium battery strapping machine
16-19MM PP/PET strapping
DD160U economical battery strapping machine

Model NO:DD160U

Economical battery strapping machine
12-16mm PP/PET strapping
RJ-250 Pneumatic sealing machine

Model NO: RJ-250

Pneumatic sealing machine
12-19 mmPP and PET plastic strapping
AQD-19 Pneumatic strapping machine

Model: AQD-19

Pneumatic strapping machine
Portable strapping tool 12-19mm
XW-50 Pneumatic Cord strapping tensione

Model NO: XW-50

Pneumatic strapping tensioner
30-50mm Cord strapping
GZA-32 Pneumatic steel strapping machine

Model NO:GZA-32

Pneumatic strapping machine
32mm Steel strapping

Model NO: GZD-19

Pneumatic sealing machine
16-19mm steel strapping
GSC-32 Pneumatic steel strapping tensioner

Model NO: GSC-32

Pneumatic strapping tensioner
32mm Steel strapping
DYA-32 Pneumatic Steel strapping sealer

Model NO: DYA-32

Pneumatic strapping sealer
32mm steel strapping
P301 3 in 1 manual Plastic strapping tool

Model NO: P301

3 in 1 combinationl strapping tool
13mm or 16 mm PP & PET
B310 PP/PET Strapping tensioner

Model NO: B330

Strapping tensioner
12-19mm PP/PET strapping
B314 Cord Strapping tensioner

Model NO: B314

Strapping tensioner
12-19mm Cord strapping
C401 PP/PET Strapping sealer

Model NO: C401

Strapping sealer
13mm or 16mm or 19mm PP/PET strapping
SD500 25-50mm Manual Cord plastic strapping tensioner

Model NO: SD500

Manual strapping tensioner
25-50mm cord strapping
PET406 PET strapping dispenser

Model NO: PET406

PET strapping dispenser
Core: 406mm
P200 PP strapping dispenser

Model NO: P200

PP strapping dispenser
A333 Buckless steel strapping machine

Model NO: A333

Buckless strapping machine
13-19mm Steel strapping
SKL-32A Steel trapping tensioner

Model NO: SKL-32A

Strapping tensioner
32mm Steel strapping
SKS-32 Steel trapping Sealer

Model NO: SKS-32

Strapping Sealer
32mm Steel strapping
GJ32 Steel strapping cutter

Model NO: GJ32

Strapping cutter
32mm Steel strapping
S191 Steel strapping dispenser

Model NO: S191

Steel strapping dispenser
19mm Steel strapping