Sunpack SEOUL FOOD 2024 In Korea

The four-day SEOUL FOOD 2024 Seoul International Food Exhibition from June 11 to 14 came to a successful conclusion.

The Seoul Food Show is the fourth largest food show in Asia, bringing together various industries such as retail, food service, wholesale, distribution and manufacturing, and is the only food industry exhibition in Korea certified by the International Exhibition Alliance (UFI).The exhibition has chosen a theme that is close to the global situation: “Food technology for us, for the planet, for the future”, focusing on food technology and sustainable development.

Sunpack together with our exclusive agent in Korea –YPL, We brought our new Professional Banding Machine during SEOUL FOOD 2024 In Korea,

Sunpack Booth is 36 square meters.

Sunpack bandinging machine series: side tape banding machine WK06-50C3A-MQ, stainless steel positioning banding machine WK06-100C-MRQ, high table banding machine WK02-30B, online machine WK02-30CA and high tension banding machine WK32-30C appeared in Seoul International Food Exhibition in South Korea. At the exhibition, Sunpack attracted the attention of the visitors with its application of environmentally friendly materials and innovative packaging technology.

Sunpack presents its ace product: Model WK06-50C3A-MQ , which is an intelligent packaging solution specifically designed for the food industry.

Food industry applications

Diversified food packaging: can be used in fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, candy, beverages, snack food, aquatic products, meat products, dairy products and other food packaging. Provide customized packaging solutions to meet the packaging needs of different foods.

Business scope: The design of the ribbon machine is flexible, which can be operated independently by a single machine, and can also be customized according to customer needs, so as to achieve personalized packaging production and meet the diversified food technology needs of the market.

Sunpack has been committed to providing efficient packaging solutions for the food industry. Through SEOUL FOOD’s international display platform, Asahi Packaging further consolidates its brand presence in the international market. Choose Sunpack, as a reliable, efficient and innovative packaging partner in the food industry, to add points to food technology and brand image.

With our customers

In the current competitive food industry, packaging is not only an important means to protect products and ensure food safety, but also a key medium for brand marketing and consumer information transmission. With 34 years of deep experience in the field of machinery, Sunpack has become a leader in the field of intelligent packaging. Our solutions are widely favored by the food industry for their fast, efficient and energy efficient operation processes. For the food industry, suitable packaging not only ensures the safety of food during transportation and storage, but also meets the requirements of the market for the appearance of food.

In the future, Sunpack will continue to expand its product line, develop more advanced equipment to meet market needs, and provide better packaging solutions for users around the world.

Adhering to the concept of environmental protection packaging, through the power of science and technology, to achieve the green growth of food technology and the future food market. Invest in the future, starting with Sunpack, our equipment not only optimizes your production process, but also represents a commitment to the future of food technology and care for the planet.