Sunpack Drupa 2024 In Dusseldorf

From May 28 to June 7, the 11-day German Drupa Printing Exhibition came to a successful end. The exhibition is held every four years, with a total of 19 exhibition areas, covering an area of 175,000 square meters. Drupa, as the world’s most influential printing industry exhibition, brings together top printing technology, equipment manufacturers, suppliers and related service providers from all over the world to show innovative technology products and solutions in the printing and packaging industry. With the theme of “We Create the Future”, the exhibition once again staged the peak technical duel of the global printing industry, helping enterprises to foresee the future, shape the future, and create the future!

We brought our new Professional Banding and Strapping Machine during Drupa 2024 In Dusseldorf,

Sunpack Booth is 103 square meters.

In this international industry event, Xutian packaging(Sunpack) with the printing industry’s packaging solutions, and the printing industry’s flagship product – book and magazine banding machine WX02-30BMB stunning debut, successfully attracted the attention of many visitors.

Label cable WX06-40LB, using advanced sensing technology, can automatically identify different types and lengths of labels, and accurately pack, each time can automatically put 1-3 ribbons, operators can also manually set to achieve a fast, accurate and continuous processing of each label. It is also suitable for low and medium production and diversified label scenarios, and can handle labels of various sizes and thicknesses to ensure consistency and accuracy of bunching.

Automatic card issuing process design: The card feeding line WX05-30FB is an automatic equipment integrating card feeding, counting and banding, which can automatically distribute cards, ensure the number is accurate through the built-in counting system, and then arrange the cards and transmit them to the tape banding machine for final packaging. This design significantly improves productivity and accuracy, saves space and reduces labor requirements.

Designed specifically for the packaging needs of the printing industry, the Q80SC-AP strapping machine uses cutting-edge direct drive technology, combined with high performance DC brushless motors made in Germany and advanced PLC control systems from Siemens. The integration of a number of innovative patented designs, such as tool-free maintenance and extrusion exclusion design, not only significantly improves the stability and durability of the equipment, but also makes the operation process easier and more efficient.

Globally, more and more companies are beginning to pay attention to environmental protection and sustainable development issues. As a leader in the industry, Xutian Packaging (Sunpack) will continue to be committed to the research and development and promotion of green packaging technology to provide customers with more environmentally friendly and efficient packaging solutions. At the same time, We will also work with global partners to explore and promote the sustainable development of the industry and contribute to the realization of global environmental goals. Let us work together to shape a green and sustainable future.

With our customers

Drupa Printing Germany shows the direction and strategy for the future development of the industry by displaying the latest technologies and solutions.

We believe that through our collaborative spirit of “We Create the Future”, we can bring about a more prosperous and innovative future for the industry!