Sunpack Bakery China 2024 in Shanghai

From May 21 to 24, the 26th China International Baking Exhibition 2024 was successfully held in Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center.

We brought our new Professional Banding Machine during Bakery China 2024 in Shanghai

Sunpack Booth is 36 square meters.

As an innovative packaging solution provider, Sunpack continuously improves the efficiency, aesthetics and fastness of packaging in the food industry, greatly improving the production efficiency of enterprises, and is an important step in the transformation of enterprises to efficient and intelligent.

At the same time, we also present our latest Online banding machines and balers which are most suitable for the baking industry: Side tape positioning online banding machine:WK06-75C3A-MRQ
High table banding machine: WK02-30GB
Online positioning banding machine: WK04-30CA2-MN
Online positioning banding machine: WK04-50CA-MR
Online positioning banding machine: WK06-100CA-MQ
Positioning banding machine: WK06-150C-MQ
Automatic Strapping machine: Q80

Sunpack has been committed to providing efficient packaging solutions for the food industry. Our Model WK06-50C3A-MQ , which is an intelligent packaging solution specifically designed for the food industry.

Matching 0.04mm ultra-thin materials, our banding machines not only define a new standard in the market, but also a bold innovation in process accuracy. Thinner and more economical than the conventional market, while maintaining excellent strength and toughness. Achieve the best packaging results with the least resource consumption.

Highlight moments with customers

This blockbuster upgrade provides a reliable solution for baking industry applications, so that each band perfectly matches your product. You also have the opportunity to personally experience the latest features after the upgrade, and feel a unforgettable experience.

In the pursuit of excellence and innovative technology, Sunpack with its thirty-four years of industry deep cultivation, not only cast the benchmark in the professional field, but also with extraordinary research and development strength and exquisite production skills, become the leader of the packaging machinery industry.

Sunpack is looking forward to working with you to gain insight into packaging opportunities and explore unlimited possibilities!