• WK02-30ABE Squaring banding machine


  • High speed automatic banding machine
  • Pneumatic push rod
  • PLC control
  • 6.25” Touch screen
  • Conveyor speed and push rod size adjustable
  • Stable and efficient work
  • Both paper tape and OPP film tape can be used

Ideal for integration with systems such as an inline receding offset stacker, three knife trimmer, product feeders, lugged conveyors, or other such applications. The WK02-30ABE uses a mechanized pusher combined with bidirectional jogging and pneumatically powered clamp to ensure products are neatly stacked before they are automatically banded. Setup is easy using a 6.25″ touch screens. 


Model NoWK02-30ABE
Tape Type Opp film/kraft paper tape 
Roll size40mm diameter x 500ml
Banding size100-150mm L x 60-150mm W x 20-150mm H
Sealing Method Heating sealing
Tension 5-40N 
Table height950mm
Control systemPLC
Banding Speed21packs/min (50pcs/pack)
Power Supply 220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz 1 phase