• WK04-30BP Paper banding machine with top press


  • Schneider touch screen
  • 30 or 50mm wide band
  • Min 80mic OPP film
  • No Pre-Heating time
  • Instant Heat Sealing
  • With counter
  • Applicable for both paper band and OPP film
  • Can connect to a jumbo roller dispenser to load 500-800 meters roll
  • DC motor Power-More safe


Applicable MaterialOPP film or PP bandOPP film or PP band
Material SpecificationWidth: 29.2-29.6mm
Thickness: 60-100 mic
Length: 500-800meters
Core: 76mm
Width: 49.2-49.6mm
Thickness: 80-100 mic
Length: 500-800meters
Core: 76mm
Arch Size400*200 mm400*200 mm
Table Height980mm980mm
Banding SizeMin:30*10mm Max: 400*180mmMin:30*10mm Max: 400*180mm
Power Supply220V 50hz 1phase or 110V 60hz 1phase220V 50hz 1phase or 110V 60hz 1phase
Power Rate450W450W
Control SystemPCB+ Schneider touch screen PCB+ Schneider touch screen
Banding Speed20 bands/Minute20 bands/Minute
Banding Tension5-40N5-40N
Welding MethodInstant Heat SealingInstant Heat Sealing
Air Supply0.4-0.6Mpa0.4-0.6Mpa
Top Pressure2-15kg2-15kg
Machine DimensionL 607 x W 347 x H 1220mmL 607 x W 347 x H 1220mm

Machine Dimension