What is the advantage of ultrasonic cold welding?

  • Little or no thermal damage to the component due to cold welding tools
  • During the welding process, the ultrasonic tools remain cold.
  • The join partners also heat up only in the area of the joining surfaces
  • More Safe and doesn’t give any smell.
  • Good solution for dust free environment
  • No need replace whole ultrasonic system.Just just replace the sonotrode with low cost.
  • Usage life is 6 million times
WK05-30 Ultrsonic OPP film, Paper and Foam banding machine
WK05-30B Ultrasonic banding machine
WK35-08C1 Table top automatic PP strapping machine
WK35-08C1 Ultrasonic PP strapping machine

How dose ultrasonic welding work?

Ultrasonic bonding starts with the power supply, a small box that converts the incoming electrical current into a high-frequency, ultrasonic signal. 

This electrical energy travels to the converter (or transducer), which transforms it into mechanical vibrations through discs that vibrate very quickly. The size of these vibrations is called the “amplitude”, a key parameter when configuring ultrasonic welding systems.

Vibrations are then amplified in the booster and relayed to the welding horn (or sonotrode). This is the metal part that performs the welding by transferring the vibrations to the part surface. The horn is specifically designed to take the shape of the surface to be welded.