• Q8N Tile automatic strapping machine


  • High speed automatic strapping machine can make 35straps/min
  • Manual and auto mode operation
  • Loop ejecting function and refeed function
  • Rigid structure design
  • Built for 24 hours continuous operation
  • PCB+LCD screen: visualize temperature and banding tension
  • Banding count function
  • Electronic double banding tension adjustment
  • Easy strap loading and unloading

The Q8 series automatic strapping machine is suitable for the strapping and packing of conventional objects and all kinds of cartons. The biggest feature of this series of machines is that it can use 0.35mm thick PP tape, which saves users a lot of consumable costs.


Product nameTile Automatic Strapping Machine
Model NoQ8N
Strap tape PP strap
Strap specificationWidth 12mm,thickness 0.6-1.0mm
Strapping reelCore diameter:200mm reel height:190mm
Arch sizeW 1300* H 250mm
Table height750mm
Strapping sizeMax 800 x 200 mm
Power220V/ 50Hz/60Hz
Strapping speed42strap/min
Tension2-40KG adjustable
Welding methodHeating sealing
Machine net weight130kg