The Food Education China Summit Forum 2023 in Beijing

On May 20, the Food Education China Summit Forum 2023 was held in Beijing. With the theme of “Promoting the popularization of food and Education to help a healthy China”, the forum focused on the high-quality development of food and education. Representatives from various sectors such as the National Health Commission, research institutions, industry organizations, enterprises, schools and hospitals were invited to study the relevant policies of food and education, discuss the theories and practices of food and education research at home and abroad, and conduct in-depth exchanges and collisions of views on hot food and education topics. We will actively explore new ideas for the development of food and education, and help promote the construction of a healthy China. The meeting was presided over by CAI Yongfeng, executive Vice chairman of the Nutrition food Industry Collaborative Innovation Platform of China Association for Industry-University-Research Cooperation.

As an authoritative and influential annual event in the field of Food Education in China, the “Food Education China Summit Forum” has built a high-specification, high-level and all-round interactive communication platform, which is of great significance for exploring and promoting the high-quality development of food and breeding.

Sunpack General Manager Lin Weiwei was invited to attend the Food Education China Summit Forum 2023 in Beijing.

She said that as a private enterprise, we will continue to pay attention to the issue of food education, and integrate advanced food education concepts into the daily life of our employees, to be the forerunner and disseminator of food education, so that more people can raise the awareness of food education, so as to promote the popularization of national nutrition and health knowledge, and help the development of food education in China.

The high quality development of food education is an important, systematic and long-term project. To explore China’s food education model and promote national health education with high-quality development of food education, all parties in society need to build consensus, deepen participation, constantly enrich the exploration and innovation of food education practice, and jointly promote the construction of healthy China.