Sunpack 2021 Shanghai Propak

WK04CA-MPR-2H Automatic banding line
WK35C-30R Ultrasonic banding machine with printer
WK02-30AM10 Pharmaceutical boxes banding machine
WK02-30FSBS Banknote automatic packaging line
WK02-30-AD Corrugated boxes banding machine

WK04CE-50 is designed with infeed and outfeed conveyor built-in which allows the banding machine to be integrated into a packaging line quickly. It can be applied in food tray, Shampoo Sachet, Food bags and Meat tray,Vegetable trays etc packaging system

sunpack automated banding system for food industry, daily products etc band a bundle together or label a product

WK04CA-MPR Automatic banding machine is installed with a Markem thermal transfer printer to print logo, date, bar code, image etc. It is especially designed for food industry. The banding machine is with option for fix length and fix force modes which enable customer’s for more application.

Sunpack automatic banding machine with thermal transfer printer

Food Package

Labeling printed paper band or OPP film band around a food package will help to identify a brand and secure a package. With the option to print date, number, image, bar code, characters, or QR code enable this banding solution for more industrial applications.

Farm Product

Banding vegetable and fruit directly with the label without adhesive tape enhances the customer’s experience of packing. Plus the printed band with farm logo helps customer to identify the brand with added value. Ultrasonic cold sealing is healthy for food package.

Sachet Product

A banding solution with both fixed length and fixed tension will be applicable for a wide range. Extreme light tension is good for flexible promotion package. With a registration mark to locate the printed band at a specific position. Option to add a printer is on request.


From simply band 100pcs banknotes together to making a bundle with 10 bundles with 100 banknotes, there are solutions. From heat sealing to ultrasonic cold welding, from tension feed to vacuum feed, Banking solutions. Counting, Banding, Sealing and Shrinking

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