• Mini air Pro2 air cushion machine
  • Mini air Pro2 air cushion machine


* Speed up to 25 meters* No belt needed* Machine only 8.5kgs, available for 110v ~ 240v
* One machine can make air pillow , air tube, air bubble bag
* Adjustable Air Volume, Temperature, Length needed
* Easy operation and maintenance
* Well sealed without air leakage
* CE, UL, PSE certified, quality guaranteed

Industrial Air Cushion Machine, Mini Air Cushion System 

MINI AIR PRO 2 is our newest industrial air cushion machine, durable and convenient, no belt, less maintenance, no preheating, start right away,one button swich to different type(Filler/Wrapper),and with speed as fast as 25m/min, worked for films width 200mm, 400mm, 600mm,800mm, also it can be connected with different extension like winder,film delivery system and so on… it is programmable and can be seamlessly integrated into MINI AIR Cushion System technology.

Able to work with overhead hopper, winder or basket
Speed, air, temperature adjustable
No belt, less maintenance
Ideal for large scale warehouse
One year warranty
CE, PSE certified

Perfect solution for customers looking for an environmentally preferred solution for void fill and cushioning applications.
Engineered to save money by minimizing roll changeovers, limiting downtime, increasing productivity, requiring fewer rolls/order saving valuable inventory space


Model NoMINI AIR Pro2
ConsumablesAir Pillow/Air Bubble
Voltage110V/220V 50hz/60hz
Speed25m/min (82 feet)

Types of Film that can be used with this machine

Filler(Air Pillows):200*100mm,200*130mm,200*150mm,200*200mm
Thickness: 20 micron
Length: 1280 meters
Material: HDPE

Wrapper(Air Bubbles): Bubbles, Bubbles wave, Tube large, Tube small, Tube multi, Quilt large, Quilt small
Thickness: 20 micron
Length: 550 meters
Material: HDPE